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 [FS] Car Audio, RADAR, etc.

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PostSubject: [FS] Car Audio, RADAR, etc.   Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:27 pm

Everything is negotiable, in working order, and available for pickup at a public place. I bought all of it new so manuals and, in some cases, original boxes may be available (I'm 90% sure I still have it most of them)... and now for the stuff.

Cobra XRS-9430; 12-band RADAR/LIDAR detector. Comes with suction cup mount and power adapter, no original box as it came in a blister pack, but the manual should be available. I have TWO of these available, as I used to have two cars, but a friend gave me his hard-wired RADAR detector when he got rid of his car, so I have that hardwired to my car now and don't need these anymore. Honestly, because I don't speed, I've only ever found RADAR/LIDAR detectors useful for their ability to detect emergency sirens before I could see them, which gave me better warning that I might need to pull to the right, but there have been dozens of times where I've been tagged by LASER and have been alerted so because of these detectors. $50 each.

Infinity Basslink; 200 watt powered subwoofer with (wired) remote volume control. It's a 10" woofer with a 10" passive radiator. Mounting legs are included, I believe there are two sets of legs (vertical/horizontal). It will not put King Kong in your trunk, though it does have a bass boost function that I always left off, this will give your modest sound system the low end that it may be missing. While I don't listen to music with pounding, repetitive bass (I listen to metal and punk), I did listen to some Bone Thungs -N- Harmony in it and it did rattle the trunk. $175

Pioneer TS-A1681R (Pair); 6.5" 4-way Speakers, 100 watts RMS for the pair (50w ea), peak 520w/pair. Great for high hats and solos. $50

Alpine SPS-170A (Pair); 6.5" 2-way Speakers, 80 watts RMS for the pair (40w ea), peak 200w/pair. Good for mid-low ranges. $40

Pioneer DEH-P6700MP; Single DIN headunit with removable faceplate and (wireless) remote control. I believe I have two of these head units, but one has a broken faceplate, which should go for like $20 on eBay. It's a receiver with a 4-channel amp that does 22w RMS, 50w peak, plus an unamplified subwoofer output as well as some line-outs in case you want to use your own amplifier. It plays MP3s on a CD, good ol' audio CDs, and I believe it has a SuperTuner for AM/FM. While I don't have the accessories, it uses Pioneer's IP-Bus system, so you can connect an iPod adapter, aux input adapter, CD changer, Sirius/XM receiver, etc., through the IP-Bus (I used to have an auxiliary input, Sirius receiver, and XM receiver connected to the same headunit at the same time with the IP-Bus connectors). $75 for the one with the working faceplate, $50 for the one with the broken faceplate (if I actually still have it). (I might also have the Nissan adapters to make the install plug-n-play)

Nissan/Infiniti Bose/Clairon 6-Disc CD Changer; Removed from a 1999-2001 Infiniti G20, this trunk-mountable CD changer should work with other Nissan / Infiniti (1997-2002 if I am not mistaken) cars that have a Bose headunit. $65

Infiniti Heated Seat Switches; Removed from a 2002 Infiniti G20, these switches will fit the center console blank spaces. I've seen the same switches in a Maxima, but I don't know what year it was, so they may fit other Nissan/Infiniti vehicles. $60

I've been unemployed nearly two years now, so I'm pretty much available all the time. The savings account is running low, so I'm clearing out stuff I won't use again. I'm in the city (Chicago) and local pickup is preferred, but I am willing to travel as far as Schaumburg (meet at Meijer or Gameworks), Downer's Grove (meet at Fry's Electronics), Evanston (meet at Papa John's), and POSSIBLY as far as Carpentersville (meet at Woodman's) if you're coming from Wisconsin or Minnesota, which probably won't happen. Because money's not incoming and daytime traffic turns my 40mpg into 23mpg, I will not travel if the majority of my commute will have to take place between 4pm and 7:30pm.

All of this, as well as other stuff, is being listed on eBay this weekend, so if something gets sold, I'll update the thread.

Thanks for looking!

EDIT: Pictures.

Here are the pictures of what I could reach without a ladder Razz

Cobra RADAR/LIDAR Detectors

Infinity Basslink

Pioneer Speakers

Alpine Speakers

Pioneer Head Units

Free soft case for whoever buys the one with the faceplate. Free single DIN cubby hole compartments for whoever buys a head unit if you need it.
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[FS] Car Audio, RADAR, etc.
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